Monday, 26 October 2015

ill eat what I wont!

now the torys are tellin us we cant even eat red meet, sossiges, bacon!! or just about anythink thats not made out of soyer or toffoo.

well im eatin everythink i want and no torie is tellin me other wise. If i want to stuf sossiges dow n my froat ill do it til im sick and no torie stellin me what i can and cvan eat!"!

this is my tea tonite - my commin home cake (yea ive been in prissin but i didnt do it cos Id never eat anyboddies eye) 4 yeers for somethink i didnt done

my cake is ful of stake mutton, kidd-knees, bacon,, griddols, bits of old chikken and poneys

fuck em all is what I say and ill ate what i eat!?£

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